The UK Against Hate demonstration in Manchester was held on 11th June 2017.

The mainstream media seem to have covered this event incorrectly from where I’m standing, and as I was there at the event I think I should give my take on things.

There are always people at any event that cause trouble, it’s inevitable, yet there was hardly any trouble here, despite provocation by various Antifa hate groups that were there.

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I don’t understand why this event was only given such a small area in Piccadilly Gardens considering the amount of people they expected to turn up.

The area that the speakers were allocated was really small, and surrounded by fences and police vans so that nobody but a select few could see or hear anything, I could hear the nearby Antifa chanting their hate though.

Why this event was not given an area like St. Ann’s Square, or somewhere well away from the anti-protesters is beyond me.

The only reason I can think of is because they wanted it to turn violent so that they could say it was UK Against Hate that was causing the trouble, plus they falsely label it as an EDL event simply because Tommy Robinson was leading the march.

All of the mainstream media I have seen say it was mainly ‘intoxicated thugs’ wandering about chanting racist slogans and causing trouble, which is total nonsense.

There were some, as there always is, but there were people like that on both sides of the fence.

It felt like we were being herded along the march route to Piccadilly, passing what felt like aggression from what appeared to be Antifa radicals that were seemingly ‘placed’ there.

I was there with my 13 year old daughter and we saw lots of decent people that were not there for any trouble, lots of families and elderly people that just wanted to discuss their thoughts and listen to the speakers.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to hear any of the speakers because of the bad organisation from the authorities, they obviously didn’t want us to see or hear anything, blocking it off from us as much as they could.

Disgraceful really.

Apart from the poor decisions from the police it was a great event, the first I have ever been to and hopefully not the last.